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14 May 2016 @ 09:56 pm
Title: A Good Mistake
Pairing: Chinen Yuri X OC (Chinen Yuzaki)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: yaoi, smut
Disclaimer: i only own the plot
Author’s Notes: Yuzaki bro requested me to do this! Hopefully he likes it because I swear, my smut and yaoi skills are rusty.

Summary: Cosplaying? Cross-dressing? It can lead people to confusion. This confusion can lead to mistakes, but sometimes, mistakes are good. But what mistake could this be?


“Keito-kun! How do I look?” Chinen Yuri twirled around to show off his costume to his best friend Keito. Yuri’s going to attend a small Cosplay event in Akihabara. Most of those attending will be friends of both Keito and Yuri. Yuri wouldn’t usually go to big cosplay events because he’s too shy to show others what he really wants to do, Cross Dressing.

What’s Cross Dressing you say? Cross Dressing is dressing as the opposite sex. See? You’re learning something while reading.

“Well...” Keito held the tip of his chin as if he’s thinking, but he already knew that the Enma Ai costume fits Yuri really well.

Seeing how Keito’s still hesitating to give an opinion, Yuri pouted, making the older guy chuckle, “It’s good, really good, don’t worry, wig is good, costume is good, you just need to put your red contact lenses.”

“Oh, yeah, contact lenses,” Yuri faced the lit up mirror to make sure he puts his contact lenses right. Once done, he faced Keito again for an opinion, “so?”

“Perfect! You look just like Enma Ai, meanwhile, I look perfect as Cloud Strife, don’t I?” Keito did a pose where he rested his huge Buster Sword on his shoulder, while his other hand is on his waist, smirking at Yuri.

“Right right, whatever, show off your muscles, let’s go?”

Yuri and Keito had been best friends for years now; they shared the same passion with anime, video games, and of course, cosplaying.


“Ah! Shit! I’m gonna be late!” Yuzaki quickly fixed his hair. He just finished working on his costume and putting it on. What was his costume? Fairy Tail’s Jellal Fernandes.

Right after finishing, Yuzaki ran out, wearing his costume with a bag hanging on his back. And no, it’s not weird to see people in Tokyo walking around in costumes, especially if you’re headed to Akihabara.

Yuzaki hopped into the train just right on time before the door closed. He was trying to catch his breath and quickly looked at his watch, “I’ll make it... I’ll make it...” he uttered to himself. Akihabara is just five stations away.

Just few minutes had passed, Yuzaki arrived at the station he wanted to get off. As he got off to the platform, looked around to make sure he’ll be going to the right exit and not get lost in the sea of people trying to get in and out of the train.

“Alright, finally,” he took out his phone the moment he got out of the station to text his friend, “Just arrived at the station... where are you?” Yuzaki uttered the words he was typing into his phone. He was just about to put his phone away when his phone vibrated, “That was fast,” he read the text out loud since Yuzaki has a habit of talking to himself, “Already here, where are you? We’re about to start! HAYAKU!”

Yuzaki could walk to the venue in ten minutes, but since his friend was hurrying him, he ran towards it instead, and again, ended up trying to catch his breath, “I need to be... early... next time,”

When he arrived at the venue, he was quite surprised how there’s only less than 20 people inside the hall. He was so used to huge conventions hosting hundreds of cosplayers. It wasn’t that hard to find his friend, talking to someone. He greeted some of the other attendees first since he pretty much knew half of them. When he saw that his friend was free already, he approached, “Yo Keito!”

“Akinii! You made it,” Keito gave Yuzaki a bro-hug for greeting, “Jellal freaking Fernandes,”

“Cloud effin Strife, I see, you dyed your hair blonde too,”

“Of course, gotta make some effort, you know,” Keito chuckled.

“So... who was that chick you were talking to, she’s hot, and cute... flat chested but cute, the one dressed in Hell Girl,”

Keito burst out laughing, “Oh gosh, niichan...” he held to his stomach, “hahaha! My tummy hurts, I can’t stop laughing!”

Yuzaki raised an eyebrow, wondering if he said something funny.

“Sorry sorry... it’s just... let’s go to... HER,” Keito smirked, emphasizing the word her, “follow me,”

Keito walked in front of Yuzaki, leading the way, to where the mystery Hell Girl was, “Yo, Chii, remember the guy I’ve been telling you, my Akinii?”

Yuri turned to Keito with a bright smile on his face as he was enjoying the event, “Hai~ you told me he’s coming today, right?”

As Yuri turned, Yuzaki was literally stunned with the cuteness and beauty of the creature standing in front of him and Keito. He could feel his throat getting dry, in fact, he was speechless. He had never seen someone this beautiful. Yuzaki wanted to attack Yuri with an embrace and claim Yuri as his. The smile on Yuri’s face was as bright as the sun from above. If angels were real, this person in front of him, dressed as the Hell Girl, was definitely an angel to Yuzaki’s eyes.

“Yo, yo, earth to niichan?” Keito was waving his hand and snapping his fingers on Yuzaki’s face, trying to bring him back from his faraway thoughts.

“Oh, yeah, I’m here, I’m here... just uh... tired, from all the running,” Yuzaki responded.

Yuri chuckled at Yuzaki’s absent-mindedness, “Kawaii,”

“Well... Niichan, this is my best friend, Chinen Yuri, Chii, this is my not blood related brother, Chinen Yuzaki, so uh... You’re both Chinens, great, right?” Keito introduced the two to each other.

“Chii... Chinen Yuri... but you always addresses him as HE!” Yuzaki revolted.

Keito smiled and nodded, “Yep, this cute chick here... is a he, he likes to cross dress,”

“Oh... shit...” Yuzaki fainted.


“Ngghh...” Yuzaki groaned. He held to his head and jolted up after realizing he fainted during the event. There he saw Chinen Yuri, still dressed as Enma Ai, sitting on the chair beside the bed he’s in.

“C-Chinen Yuri-kun...? Oh gosh, I’m so sorry... I really thought you were a girl... and told Keito you’re a chick... and I fainted at the event... OMG I fainted at the event...” then he realized he’s in an unfamiliar room, “Oh gosh where the hell am I...?”

“Ah, calm down Yuzaki-san, you’re in my room, in my apartment with Keito, and just in case you’re wondering, you’ve been asleep for the past five hours... were you lacking sleep the past few days because of the event?”

Yuzaki slowly nodded, “But... why am I in your room and not Keito’s? I mean, he’s the common denominator between the two of us... right?”

“Well, about that... he’s with his girlfriend in his room right now...” Yuri nervously smiled, “listen,” then he pointed to the wall dividing his room and Keito’s.

Yuzaki looked at the wall then focused his hearing towards it. He could hear Keito groaning in pleasure and a womanly voice moaning, repeatedly mentioning Keito’s name in a lustful manner.

“Well...” Yuzaki cleared his throat, “aren’t they having fun doing some business there,”

Yuri nodded, “That’s almost my daily routine, listening to them do the do,” then he chuckled.

After hearing the moans from the other side of the wall, Yuzaki didn’t notice that he was having an erection, but of course, Yuri noticed it. He smiled and giggled, “Is Yuzaki-niichan having a hard on?”

“Eh?” Yuzaki looked down and finally realized it, “Ah! Yabai, I uh... will deal with this, where’s the bathroom,”

Yuri didn’t answer Yuzaki’s question, “I can tell... it’s huge,” just staring at Yuzaki’s bulge, making the older guy more uncomfortable.

Yuzaki then noticed that even the shorter, younger guy is looking horny and aroused. Yuri kept on biting his lower lip and there were a bulge visible even if he’s wearing a skirt.

“I... I can help you with that,” Yuri offered Yuzaki, “you don’t have to go to the bathroom,”


“Onegai... I’ve heard lots of things about you from Keito, and just from his stories... I’ve liked you... and I was really happy when I finally got to meet you... I actually asked Keito to bring you here to my room instead of his...” Yuri quickly embraced Yuzaki, topping him, “Akinii... daisuki!”

Yuzaki had always been straight. But this creature topping him, he’s clearly an exception to that. Yuzaki felt like he wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with a guy if it’s Yuri.

“Ah, damn it,” Yuzaki cussed to himself and held Yuri’s head to kiss him torridly.

Yuri responded the same way to Yuzaki’s kiss. His hand started traveling on Yuzaki’s body, downward to where Yuzaki’s manhood is located. When he touched the huge, hard bulge, Yuri stroked it through the thick cloth covering it.

“Hnng...” Yuzaki groaned while ravishing Yuri’s mouth with his own the moment he felt his cock was being fondled.
Smirking, Yuri pulled back to work on Yuzaki’s lower garments. Once Yuzaki was naked, Yuri evidently became more excited as he saw all of Yuzaki’s 13-inch-monster-cock, “Itadakimasu!” Yuri leaned forward to suck on Yuzaki’s manhood, “Mmn...”

“I-is this... ugh...” Yuzaki kept groaning because of the pleasure, “your... first time... or what? Ugh!”

“First time,” Yuri went down to Yuzaki’s balls and played with it using his soft lipse as he stroked its very length using two hands.

It didn’t seem like to Yuzaki that it was Yuri’s first time since it felt like Yuri was already an expert. But who cares? For now, Yuzaki just wanted to enjoy the moment.

“Aah! Fuck!” Yuzaki grabbed Yuri’s head and stuffed Yuri’s mouth with all of his length, forcing Yuri to deep throat him, almost making the younger guy gag but managed to consume all 13 inches of it.

“Oh shit! Oh shit..!!” Yuzaki couldn’t control his lust anymore. His hips were moving on its own, thrusting deep inside Yuri’s throat, “I’m cumming!!!” Yuzaki thrust faster and harder, but making sure the younger boy taking his cock in won’t gag. As his climax neared, Yuri felt Yuzaki’s cock throbbing as it hit the walls of this throat. He looked at the older guy and saw how horny Yuzaki was. It turned him on even more.

Releasing his thick load of sperm inside Yuri’s mouth, he saw that Yuri swallowed every drop he just exploded moments ago. This was a huge turn on for Yuzaki. He pulled Yuri to him and hugged him as tight as he can. That moment, he knew, he wanted to the boy to be with him for the rest of his life.

Yuri smiled. He felt loved, for the first time in his life. The guy that he had just been hearing from Keito few hours ago is finally here with him, embracing him. He embraced Yuzaki as well, burying his face to Yuzaki’s neck.

“Is it okay if I fuck you with this costume on you?” Yuzaki asked shyly.

Yuri chuckled, “Of course niichan, whatever makes you happy,”

Feeling happy, Yuzaki kissed Yuri’s soft lips again, slowly reaching for the younger guy’s manhood. Surprised, Yuzaki pulled back to see that even if Yuri has a small body, his cock is not short on length. It was actually eight and a half inches at full length.

“Oh you naughty boy,” Yuzaki pushed Yuri to the bed, now being on top, he tied Yuri’s hands to the bed corner together, removing only Yuri’s boxer, and stroked Yuri’s cock by himself, “Do you have a lubricant?”

Yuri shook his head, “Just lotion by that bedside table,”

Yuzaki reached for the lotion and applied a generous amount to his huge aching cock. Once his cock was covered with lotion, he positioned the tip to the opening of Yuri’s anticipating ass. He pushed it slowly, adjusting himself and also waiting for Yuri to adjust to his huge length. Yuzaki looked at Yuri and when Yuri nodded at him, he pushed a bit further. The head of Yuzaki’s cock is now inside Yuri’s body. Yuri took a deep breath and nodded at Yuzaki again.

“Keep going slowly until I say stop,” Yuri instructed.

Yuzaki obeyed and slowly pushed his not-virgin-anymore-cock inside Yuri’s asshole. He held to Yuri’s waist to make himself and Yuri comfortable during this seemingly painful first penetration.

“A-ah... stop...” Yuri took deep breaths once Yuzaki stopped moving. Few more breaths and he signaled Yuzaki to keep going, “G-go on niichan... push it all in,”

That’s when Yuzaki pushed his whole length in one go, making some few adjustments in the angle, searching for Yuri’s sweet spot.

“Kyaa!” Yuri squealed when he felt the tip of Yuzaki’s cock hit something inside him, “K-kimochii...”

Yuzaki smirked. He sneaked his arm under Yuri’s body to embrace him. Now, thrusting hard, making sure his cock would repeatedly hit Yuri’s sweet spot. His other hand slid itself under Yuri’s skirt and stroked Yuri’s cock the same time he’s thrusting his cock deep inside Yuri’s glory hole.

The room was filled with their lustful moans that no doubt can be heard from Keito’s bedroom as well.

“A-aah! Niichan!!! Harder!”

As Yuri requested, Yuzaki thrust harder, pounding his flesh against Yuri’s flesh. He made sure that the thrusting and jerking would be synchronized, wanting to reach climax along with Yuri.

“Y-Yuri... Ughh...!!!”

“Niichan I’m close!”

“Hold it! Cum with me!”

Few more hard, deep thrusts, “YURI! Ah!!!”

The two of them finally exploded their seeds. Yuri exploded his on his costume, while Yuzaki exploded his manly seeds deep inside Yuri’s asshole. Yuri felt the warmth of Yuzaki’s milk inside his body and felt bliss through out. Yuzaki fell on top of Yuri, placing his ear on Yuri’s chest to listen to his heartbeat.

“Yuri.... daisuki...” he looked up to Yuri’s angelic face, smiled, untied Yuri’s had and pulled Yuri to his body, snuggling with him, falling asleep together.


“Chii...?” Keito knocked at the door of Yuri’s bedroom, “hm, no answer? I’m coming in!”

When Keito opened the door, he was completely surprised to see the scene. Yuri’s face was on the bed, biting on a pillow, he was on his fours, as Yuzaki was pounding, ramming Yuri’s ass from behind, doggy style. He didn’t hear any noises because Yuri’s moans were muffled by the pillow.


“Oh gosh, I’m sorry... I’ll just disappear, ignore me,” Keito quickly closed the door and left the apartment, giving the couple few hours of alone time.

-=The End=-

A/N: It's been a while since I wrote a smut yaoi fic! I feel like I've rusted A LOT! hahaha! Please bear with me! Sorry if this sucks!!! LEAVE A COMMENT THOUGH!

Anyway, I'll just leave this Chinen Yuri as Enma Ai here *flies away*

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