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24 April 2014 @ 04:49 am

Title: Dream Scandal
Pairing: Takaki Yuya X Inoo Kei
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, yaoi, slice of life
Disclaimer: i only own the plot
Author’s Notes: Some of my readers who are avid TakaNoo shippers are probably wanting to kill me now for not updating so long. So, here's my compensation, a one-shot fic for you guys

Summary: Every celebrity does their best to be not in a scandal that might potentially ruin their career. But there are scandals that could be, what people call, blessings-in-disguise. For some of the fans, a scandal turned dream-come-true that involved two members of one of the most popular boy group in Japan, Hey!Say!JUMP's Inoo Kei and Takaki Yuya. How will they deal with the public as their deepest secret, their real relationship, has been exposed?

Takaki looked at his lover as they were preparing themselves to go out. Inoo was trembling, almost scared for his life. Their manager was trying to comfort Inoo telling him that everything will be finished quickly, that they only had to go to the car and their security will handle the rest. Takaki walked to Inoo and cupped his face and gave him an assuring smile. He embraced the shorter guy and stroked his back, comforting Inoo finally.

Inoo took a deep breath as he finally gained his composure. He was ready, he was ready to face the world along with the person he loved the most, Takaki Yuya. He entwined his fingers with Takaki and stood by the door.

Their manager held the doorknob, turned it and finally opened the door for them. They were confronted by a massive amount of media reporters, cameramen, paparazzi, and many more who were interested with the hottest controversy in the whole country’s entertainment industry.

Their bodyguards quickly made way for the two celebrities, for them to reach their destination, their black SUV that will be escorted by a security convoy. Aside from the bodyguards, Takaki quickly covered Inoo with a suit and embraced him tight to protect him from all those people trying to get a hold of him. They tried their best to get to their car as quickly as they could. Thanks to the bodyguards and to their manager they were able to get on to their ride without a scratch.

“Are you guys ready for your tell all press con?” the manager asked the two as they drove away from the crowd.

Inoo, who was more scared of the two quickly grabbed Takaki’s hand and held it tight, “If we’re in this together, I have nothing to worry about,”

Their manager nodded as the two smiled at each other, “Okay then, if you say so,”

As they arrived to the place where they will hold their press con, they saw even more media waiting for them. There were even more fans waiting for them, showing support to what was just discovered about them. There were signs saying, “WE STILL LOVE YOU!” or there were “I ACCEPT YOU AND I’M STILL YOUR FAN” then there’s one more sign that caught their attention the most, “I’VE BEEN SHIPPING YOU FOR A LONG TIME NOW!” along with the, “MY DREAM FINALLY CAME TRUE.”

Takaki and Inoo smiled as they looked through the tinted glass of their car when they saw the support that they were receiving from their fans, but they were aware that the media wouldn’t be as kind as their fans.

They managed to enter the hall quietly as their security managed to keep the media and fans out of the place where they’ll be dropped off. As they were waiting to be called to the long table, Takaki took a peek at to how many people were there to interview them.

“How many?” Inoo asked.

“Lots, it’s like a press con by the Prime Minister,” then he smiled Inoo, “but we’ll be fine, I’ll hold your hand under the table, don’t worry,”


Upon hearing their name being called, Takaki and Inoo headed for their chairs with their manager just sitting nearby, making sure that none of the questions will deeply harm his two talents. Takaki first pulled a chair for Inoo and let him sit first, not minding all the cameras shoved at their faces and then sat beside Inoo, quickly holding the younger one’s hand as promised.

Takaki pulled the tabletop microphone nearer to his mouth, turned it on and spoke, “I ask everyone to stay quiet first,”

It took a while for all the media and the fans to be quiet. As soon as there was no noise, only the sounds of the cameras taking pictures of them, Takaki spoke.

“We all know why we’re here, why you’re here, and I know the question you guys had been wanting to ask me, are we, are we really together?” Takaki looked at Inoo then back to the media, “Yes we are, I don’t want you to see us as two guys, immorally falling for each other, but we’re like everybody else, we just human beings, and we are not immune to falling in love, it just happens, that we’re both celebrities and I fell in love with this amazing person beside me… and I’m planning to stay in love with him for the rest of my, hopefully, long and healthy life,”

Takaki took a short pause and then said, “Questions are now welcome,”

Reporters were assigned to have a turn in asking questions, the first reporter went took the mic and spoke, “We know you’re probably expecting mean questions but I would like to start this press con off by just asking your history, when did you guys learn that you have this thing for each other and how long have you been officially together? Do the other members know of this already?”

This time, it was Inoo who decided to talk, “We’re not really sure when but it’s just like how everybody describes it, it just happened. But, the members, they actually learned about what Yuyan and I felt for each other before the two of us even noticed, so the members set us up to make sure that we two have a good talk about how we really feel for each other, that was around 2011, and I guess that answers your question about the members as well,”

The next reporter then took the mic, “Hi, um, I just want to ask about your future plans. Like, what are you planning to do now? Are you quitting the entertainment industry? Or are you quitting JE?”

Takaki took the mic, “We’re still discussing things with the company, even though this is a tell all press con, it’s a subject we can’t really talk about YET, so in the future we’ll tell you guys about it, but as of now, if things don’t go well with JE, we do have a plan B, which is yes, we’ll quit the industry, build a business of our own with the money we saved from the years of work… and maybe live our normal lives,”

“What if, let’s say, you do the plan B, and you’ve been offered to do a project again as a talent, will you do it then?” the same reporter asked.

“We haven’t really talked about that yet, but I think Kei and I are both leaning on the yes-we-might-do-it side,” Takaki answered, “I mean, we love working with everyone in the entertainment industry, so even if just a bit, we’d gladly do it,”

There were few more questions, some were easy to answer and some were hard until they took a quick break to give Inoo and Takaki a chance to eat something. They went to the backstage and saw the other members over there, giving them moral support.

As the press con was resumed, the first question to be asked was, how did their family take the issue.

“My family had been very supportive of me ever since,” Takaki stated, “they always tell me to follow my dream, and, Kei is my dream, so when we talked to them about it, even before this issue exploded, they supported us,”

“Same goes to my family,” Inoo added, “though they were very shocked, we told Yuyan’s family first before mine because we’re less sure about how they’ll react. My mom cried first and said that she wanted to have a beautiful grand daughter but if I’m really happy with Yuyan then she has nothing against it, plus there’s also the option of adoption so they’re all good,”

Some of the reporters actually planned to criticize the two during the press con, but seeing how pure actually the pair’s love for each other, they all decided to respect this love and focused more on the couple’s love story, history, and future plans, as well as their reaction to everything.

“Kei and I… we really want to thank everyone for still supporting, loving, and accepting us after everything. The other members are actually here as well to support us but did not want to be seen so they decided to stay hidden because they don’t want to steal your guys’ attention, after all, this day is for me and Kei… I want to thank them, for never ever giving up on us, as well our families who supported us, who’s always there for us whenever we need them. The management, who took good care of us for so many year and even though we make some trouble, they didn’t kick us out, yet,” saying this made everyone chuckle, “lastly, our fans… who loved us unconditionally, never leaving us, supporting us in everything, accepting our imperfections, our flaws, and now… they even accepted our love…”

Takaki tried to hold his tears but failed, “I know… everyone will be looking at us right now, some will try to break us… but no, I love Kei more than anything in this world, and I can’t imagine living my life without him now that he’s here…so please, if we decide to stay here in the industry, please don’t give up on us and keep on supporting us, because you guys are our strength… thank you,”

Not long after Takaki and Inoo said their thank you’s to everyone, the press con was finished. But, the press con was not the biggest thing they’re waiting for the whole day, it was the president’s decision whether to keep Inoo and Takaki after the scandal. The members, including Ryutaro, all waited at the condo Takaki bought for him and Inoo to live in together.

“What now?” Yamada asked, just to break the silence enveloping the whole unit.

“We wait for the manager’s call after his meeting with Johnny-san…” Yabu responded.

“This feels like forever doesn’t it?” Keito commented and everyone could just sigh in agreement. They were sitting around the center table at the living room, staring at Takaki’s phone as it rested on the table, waiting for it to ring from their manager’s call.

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Each minute felt like an hour for the ten of them. Then, finally, Takaki’s phone rang, they all gathered around to see, and it was their manager. Takaki quickly answered it and put it on speaker, “Takaki desu,”

“Takaki-kun, is Inoo-kun with you?” the manager asked.

“Everyone’s here with me, so? What’s the news?”

“I’m not sure if this is good or bad, but I want to take it as good rather than bad,”

Everyone fell quiet anticipating for their manager’s announcement.

“Since everyone seems not to be breathing right now I’ll cut the suspense, the president saw your press conference and was moved… plus he sees the two of you as a valuable asset of the company, that’s why… instead of the initial decision of the other executives to terminate you from the company, you two will only be suspended for half a year which I think is pretty reasonable… and he said what you do after the suspension whether you stay or not are all in your hands,”

With a slight pause for everyone to smile at one another, JUMP quickly cheered for the verdict. They all thought that suspension is way better than being terminated from the company. On the other line, their manager could just smile hearing the cheerful noise as he ended the call cause he knew that his talents won’t be able to hear him anyway.

“This calls for a drink then!” Hikaru proposed, “Keito, come with me let’s buy some beer,”

“Hai,” the two quickly got up and left the unit to go to the nearest konbini.

Inoo approached Takaki and hugged the taller boy, hiding his beautiful face to Takaki’s broad chest.

“Kei? What’s wrong? Are you crying?” Takaki worriedly embraced his lover back.

“Nothing… I’m just so happy…”

“Me too Kei… me too… this time… we won’t have to hide, right?” Takaki cupped Inoo’s feminine face and drew his face closer to him, slowly, the gap between their lips disappeared as they slowly and lovingly kissed each other in front of the other members.

A/N: I almost lost this fic because somehow my MS Word messed up with me and I got really nervous. If ever I lost this I'd lose all of my inspiration to write and there won't be this fic. I hope you guys liked it, somehow I don't really feel satisfied but I don't want the plot to disappear in my head. I was actually planning to write this in two parts because this plot seemed so deep to me and it deserved to be broaden even more. I'll think about it :3 I'll really do!
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tasuku_kyotatasuku_kyota on April 24th, 2014 01:39 pm (UTC)
Yes yes takanoo please do!!!
I will be the one who stay in front line to support you two love

Why did u two always kill me?!!!
So now I wanna say please expose more about ur relationship :"

P.S: I feel honored that I inspired you sensei. LOL.
ayakimura: 08ayakimura on April 24th, 2014 09:12 pm (UTC)
hahahaha thank you for posting that and i got this idea hahahahaha!!!! i'll do my best to keep killing you
tasuku_kyotatasuku_kyota on April 25th, 2014 01:37 am (UTC)
Please do
My heart is on your hand, please fill it with takanoo's love <3