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22 December 2015 @ 03:09 am
[fic] AyaJes 2015 Christmas Special  
Title: AyaJes - 2015 Christmas Special
Pairing: Kusanagi Aya X Lewis Jesse
Rating: G
Genre: fluff, romance
Disclaimer: i only own the plot, I WISH I OWN JESSE
Author’s Notes:Since a friend of mine requested that instead of posting my SixTONES and AyaJes fics to my wattpad account, I post it here instead. So, I'll start doing that, so I can also resurrect this LJ. It's been a while since I wrote a fic here, I'm sorry.

Summary:Jesse and Aya miss each other, so, what do they do?


Missing someone... it’s one of the hardest emotions to feel, especially when there’s nothing you can do to be with that someone. Being a fangirl, it’s hard and quite different to feel a longing for a guy who’s really famous. Your idol, your bias. Well, it’s harder when that idol of yours is actually... your boyfriend.

My name is Kusanagi Aya, I’m a Japanese and I live in San Francisco, California to study. My boyfriend is a popular idol in Japan. He’s half American half Japanese. His talent agency is Johnny’s entertainment and he’s a member of a boy group called SixTONES. His name is Jesse. Lewis Jesse to be full.

I kind of see him almost everyday. I see his performances, his interviews and I buy all their releases and magazines. I chat with him on Line everyday, even does a video call when it’s convenient for the both of us. It’s quite hard when we’re on the opposite sides of the world, and that our times are different. He sacrifices sleep just to have a quick talk with me. I’m a demanding girlfriend but I learned to become contented with the little things we share together.

It’s a good thing that I’m just an ordinary girl. I don’t really stand out, and I’m quite plain. Being ordinary gives Jesse the comfort of not being busted in having a relationship with someone. Jesse said he’ll give up being an idol for me, but I don’t want that to happen, so we try our best to keep everything a secret until the right time comes. I honestly don’t know what Jesse liked about me. There are many girls prettier and cuter than me, especially back in Japan. I’m sure there are lots of cute female idols eyeing on him, but he still chose me, someone ordinary and someone so faraway from him. I wish to be close to him. I really do, but I’m still studying and he said he can wait until I get to finish my studies here in San Francisco. I guess it’s both convenient for us to be apart from each other for now. He can easily hide our relationship and I can focus on my studying.

December 20th... It’s almost Christmas. SixTONES is going to be busy with their Johnny’s World performances, and they still need to do back up for their senpais. It’s hard being a junior, whenever we video call I can see he’s tired but he seems like really enjoying his job. Of course, me being an overly concerned girlfriend, I always make sure to advice him not to over work his body. Then he’ll laugh and joke about us still not even having our first night so he’ll make sure that his body is okay. Typical Jesse, trying to always make me laugh, and it makes me miss him even more.

I just finished watching Gamushara’s episode. It was really funny. Jesse and Hokuto-kun were featured along with the others at the last few minutes of the show. It’s really a good watch especially that I feel so stressed after finishing all of my final exams.

Finally, I can have a complete set of sleep now! Before sleeping, I checked my phone to give Jesse a kiss, cause every fangirl’s wallpaper is her bias.

I was woken up few hours later by a familiar ring from my phone. It’s my Skype, and Jesse’s calling me. I looked at the time and it’s just few minutes past six in the morning. I answered the call, I’m pretty sure my voice was really sleepy, “Mmnn... Jesse...?”

Hey baby, good morning,” he spoke in English. Whenever he talks to me, he speaks in English because he wants to practice his English skills. I slowly opened my eyes and saw his gorgeous face on the screen of my phone. I couldn’t help but to smile.

“Hey... evening there...” I yawned, I tried to fix my face because I don’t want him to see me in my trashiest state, then turned on my front cam for video.

I just got home, kind of tired but I’m okay. All I need is rest and to hear your voice,” he said.

I chuckled, “You’re flirting with me early in the morning... “

Hey! I’m not! I was speaking the truth, nothing else, you’re what I need to charge. How I wish I can hug you so tight right now, I’ll be able to charge faster.

“Well, it’s Christmas holidays here now, I can spare a week or two to go there if you want,”

There was a bit of a pause, I looked at him. He laid down in his bed and seemed like thinking, “A tempting idea, but I’m sure your parents would not want to miss a Christmas with you, plus, once we get married, I’ll have you for all the Christmases coming for the rest of our lives,

Him and his sweet-talking. I really can’t win to him whenever he talks like that, “Whatever,” I hid my face behind the teddy bear he gave me few months ago.

Are you blushing?!

“I’m not!” Of course I’m not going to admit it to him. Unless he’s in front of me physically, I won’t.

We talked for like an hour or two, then he had to sleep because it’s almost one in the morning in Japan. I went back to sleep again because it’s still too early for me to get out of my bed even though I’m pretty hungry already.

The days went by pretty slow. What did I do? I watched some of my favourite youtubers: pewdiepie, Alfie Deyes, some tech reviews from MKBHD, what else? Oh, I binged on Kingsley’s video. I also watched some nature documentaries while eating shortbread that I bought from the store where I work part-time. My parents will be working until the 24th of December, so I’m all-alone at home. My routine became: morning I’ll be video chatting with Jesse before he goes to sleep, then in the after when he wakes up I’ll chat with him on Line while he’s preparing for work.

I’ll be really busy on the 24th and 25th, so I’m not sure if we can video call, is just chatting okay? Like when I can?” he asked. I can tell how worried he is that I might get lonely if I won’t get to talk to him. He just knows how needy I am. I need constant attention from him. I’m usually not an attention seeker. I’m the type of person who would prefer to avoid attention as much as I can, but it’s completely different with Jesse, and he knows that.

“Yeah, it’s okay, I understand,” I smiled at him. Of course it saddens me that i won’t be able to talk to him and he’s not even sure if we can chat. But I’m his girlfriend, and of all the people he knows, I’m the one person who should be able to understand him the most.

Really? Are you sure? You’re not upset?

I giggled, “Aww Jesse, don’t be so anxious, I’m okay with it, I totally understand that you’re busy, but you better not forget to greet me Merry Christmas before the day ends here in San Francisco, okay?”

That I can promise!

“Then that’s good, I’m all good. No need to worry, okay?”

I love you baby,” he smiled at me, all dashing, handsome, and gorgeous.

“I love you too,” I gently responded to him.

December 24th, Christmas eve. Even though I know that we won’t be able to talk that much, I kept on checking my phone, but of course there was no message from Jesse. I sighed as I put my phone back to my pocket.

I tried to be happy as I spend the Christmas with my parents and some other relatives and friends. I got a PS4 from my mom and dad, which made me really happy cause I’ve been wanting one for so long!

“Aya, we have one more gift for you,” mom approached me. I looked at her, confused, but she smiled at me, “we need to blind fold you though,”

“Hm...” I raised an eyebrow, “okay then, I trust you,”

My mom covered my eyes, helped be get up, and she held my hand as she guided me. Based on the direction we were going, I think we’re going to our backyard. When we got out of the house, as I felt the breeze of the night on my skin, I heard Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran playing. I smiled because it’s one of my favorite songs.

Suddenly, my mom let go of my hand and told me to stay put, so I did. I tried peeking but I was blindfolded really good. Few seconds of being alone, I hate this feeling of being in the dark and I cannot feel anything on my side. This feeling of nothingness is what I hate the most. Then, a warm, familiar hand held my hand.

“I know this hand...” I can feel tears coming out of my eyes but getting caught in the handkerchief covering my eyes as the sudden realization of the person holding me right now.

“Then who am I...?” a voice I can never mistake of. I know the owner of this voice very much, for I hear this voice every morning, right after waking up.

My throat felt dry because of excitement that I couldn’t speak properly, “J... Jesse...”

He carefully removed the cover of my eyes and the first thing I saw was his sparkling eyes and his bright, priceless smile. Tears started falling from my eyes. I covered my mouth to stop myself from bawling like a baby, “You’re here...”

“I promised to greet you Merry Christmas right?” Jesse pulled me to a really tight embrace. That’s when everything started to sink in that he’s really here, when I felt completely at home within his arms, and comfort as I sniff his smell.

I hugged him as tight as I can, not caring about my crying anymore, “You’re here... you’re really here...”

This is here I feel complete, where I’m at home, beside him, in his arms. I don’t care how much obstacles we ever face, as long as I’m with him, I know everything’s going to be fine. I looked up to him, realizing again the huge height gap that we have, but he thinks it’s cute. He smiled at me again and started planting gentle kisses on my forehead, eyelids, cheeks, nose, and finally, a long steady kiss on my lips.

“Merry Christmas baby,” he lovingly said, “I’m here now... I’m home, with you, you’re my home.”

“So are you baby... my love, my home...”

-=The End=-

A/N: As always guys, comments are loved!
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Melsa Oktavianimelsaoktav on December 23rd, 2015 01:02 pm (UTC)

The sweet boyfriend ever .. 😘😘💖

Jesse Lewisjessemisu11 on December 25th, 2015 02:37 pm (UTC)
As always... I want more xD