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05 January 2014 @ 03:03 am
Title: Boku no Kanojo wa Jigoku Shoujo (My Girlfriend is Hell Girl) - Chapter 5
Pairing: Yamachii
Rating: PG-13
Genre: love, fantasy, failed angst
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters I SWEAR~!
Author’s Notes: Because I love Jigoku Shoujo so much and since there's a photo of Chinen wearing Jigoku Shoujo clothes, I decided to write this

Summary: Yamada Ryosuke is an ordinary 3rd year Senior High students. All he wanted is an ordinary life, or maybe someday get rich. But then, the rumor about Jigoku Tsuushin (Hell Correspondence) and its truth changed his life. How?
girl!chii (I already warned you, don't read it if you don't like it....>_<)
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“Oujo’s been quiet recently isn’t she?” Ichimoku Ren commented.

Hone Onna nodded in agreement. Lately, Chii doesn’t have much requests. Why? Because before someone could even access Jigoku Tsuushin, Yamada’s already trying to stop it happening. They don’t have any idea how can Yamada do that. No one knows how Yamada can even predict or tell who’s going to access Jigoku Tsuushin.

“We’ve been watching him for two months now… but we still can’t find out how he can do whatever he’s doing out there,” Wanyuudou added, “it’s some kind of a special connection with Oujo and I doubt she’s even aware of that connection cause if she is, she’ll be able to eliminate it right away,”

They noticed that Chii was leaving; Hone Onna was the first to ask, “Oujo, where are you going?”

“To him,” she answered, “I must know why,”

The next day, like Yamada’s usual mornings, he’s walking to school.

“Yama-chan! Ohayou!” Yuto approached him and patted his shoulder, “sleepy as usual?”

Yamada nodded, “I just don’t get a lot of sleeps lately,”

“Ne, ne, I heard we’re having a new classmate today,” Yuto informed him.


“You don’t really care don’t you?” Yuto chuckled. The two reached Horikoshi and quickly went to their respective classroom. The bell rang as soon as they got to their chairs. Everyone was talking about that there’s going to be a newby in their class.

Their homeroom teacher, Ichimoku Ren, entered and started talking. Yamada didn’t care as usual about the greetings but just until his eyes caught a sight of someone he’s extremely familiar with… Jigoku Shoujo.

“Enma… Chii…” he mumbled.

Ichimoku Ren introduced Chii to them, which Yamada didn’t hear because his head was clouded with thoughts of everything related to Chii. The only thing that Yamada’s ear could catch was Chii saying, “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,” with her usual emotionless voice.

“Ah, a vacant seat just beside Yamada-kun, please do seat there,” Ichimoku Ren told Chii.

As Chii walked towards the desk beside Yamada, Yamada’s eyes were locked on her. Yamada was pretty sure his face was pale because he could only feel coldness in his body.

Through out the whole three periods, Yamada wasn’t able to focus a single bit. During lunchtime, he needed air. He quickly ran up to the rooftop and noticed how no one was there. Then he felt the hairs of his body stand.

“I know you’re here… Jigoku Shoujo…” he said and Chii appeared behind him.

“Yamada Ryosuke, what is your connection to me?” she asked.

Yamada shook his head, “I don’t know,”

“Why are you stopping my potential clients?”

“Obviously because I don’t want anybody sent to hell! I don’t want you taking them!”

“How can you do that?”

“I don’t know okay?! All I know is that, I get these weird dreams of you handing over a straw doll to them or even before that, I can feel when someone nearby wants to access your little website, like I hear a bell or something,”

Suddenly, Chii turned quiet. Yamada was about to face her when she suddenly shouted, “NO! Don’t turn!”

“Eh?” Yamada decided to stay still. This was the first time he heard her change her way of speaking.

“D-don’t… come… stay away from me…” Chii held her head. She didn’t know what was happening but images will popping out in her head. These images actually involve Yamada, “You…”

“Me? What me?!” then a force suddenly pushed him to the fence of the rooftop trapping him there. It was Chii, just staring at him.

“Who are you Yamada Ryosuke?” this time, Chii’s voice were as if she’s mad, interrogating him.

“I’m just… a freaking third year student okay?! Will you please, put me down?!”

“Why are you invading my mind?”

“Invading your mind?! What the hell?! I can’t even move a finger with you trapping me to the freaking fence! Put me down!”

“I will be watching you,” then Chii disappeared, leaving Yamada to fall on the ground.

Yamada was catching his breath as he sat on the ground, “Damn… What kind of mess did I involve myself with?”

Few weeks passed since Chii became Yamada’s classmate. So far, the two didn’t have any conversation. Yamada would avoid her as much as he can. He even requested for his seat to be changed. Since then, Yamada also stopped butting himself into people’s lives whenever he would feel someone could be a potential client of Chii. Every time Yamada would hear the bell, signaling that someone will access Jigoku Tsuushin, that very night, he’ll have a vision of someone talking to him as the Jigoku Shoujo, the straw dolls, everything. It’s like as if he’s there in person, talking to the client himself.

“Yama-chan, what’s with you and the new girl? You seemed like avoiding her like an epidemic and she’s staring at you like you’re a criminal,” Yuto asked as they’re walking home.

“That is why, I’m avoiding her,” Yamada responded.

“But what’s her deal with you?”

Yamada stopped walking, “I… I don’t know,”

“Come on Yama-chan, I know you know something,”

“It’s for the best if you don’t know anything okay?!”

Yuto sighed, “Fine fine, if you think it’ll be for the good, then keep it as a secret,”

“Thanks man,”

Suddenly, Yamada heard the usual bell he’s hearing whenever he senses someone will access Jigoku Tsuushin. There were lots of people around so he’s not sure who could it be. He’s sure it’s not Yuto cause they’ve been together since this morning. He kept on looking around.

“What’s wrong?” Yuto asked.

“It’s about the secret, don’t ask,”

“Oh… okay, mouth is zipped,”

Yamada kept on looking around a bit more and decided to give up with a sigh, “Never mind, I’m done,”

In a distance, Chii’s three companions were observing what would Yamada do, “Seems like he already gave up in hindering ojou,” Hone Onna said.

“That’s good, if he keeps hindering, it’ll take longer for ojou to reach her quota,” Wanyuudou added.

“But still... he can feel that someone is about to contact ojou… he said he can hear a bell, but how. We need to find out more about him,”

[to be continued]

Okay, so far, I'll focus on finishing this fic since I'm done plotting everything about it :3

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Nina Maematsunichii on March 2nd, 2015 09:15 am (UTC)
Will you continue this fiiiiic ;A;
It's so good and I'm still curious of what will happen~
I wonder how Chii will become Yama-chan's girlfriend (looks at the title LOL)
Anyway thank you so much for writing thiiiis!
I think I'm gonna watch the anime some time~ hahaha I'm really curious xD