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17 May 2031 @ 01:21 am

The name is Aya~! I'm currently residing in Saskatoon, Canada.
I'm a university student and is currently taking AB Economics
with the wish of making myself really really rich

I'm a fangirl. My main fandom is Hey!Say!JUMP
and my favorite member is Takaki Yuya.
I spend most of my time in front of the computer.
I like to draw, a bit of an otaku.

If you're interested in being my friend
or just reading my fanfictions,
feel free to add me and read my fics
don't forget to leave a comment at each post okay?!

I have few more places where you can contact me just in case you can't seem to contact me here in this journal.

TWITTER: aya_jeslewis

IMPORTANT! I will be updating regarding fanfics and DVD uploads on my twitter, so please do follow me if you need something or want something in particular. If you try to contact me, please use livejournal or twitter.

TUMBLR: ayakimura.tumblr.com
SKYPE: ayakanishi
LINE: ayakimuraaa

All of these accounts are active, most active is facebook. SO if I'm not here, you can find me there. IF YOU'RE LIVING IN CANADA I'M WILLING TO GIVE YOU MY NUMBER just PM me if you are from Canada.
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I've already added you but why can't I still access your fics?
Have you tried to add my ayakanishi account? If not, then you wont be able to read lots of my fics, try adding it, I open my other account once in a while to check my friend request. If i take too long, please send me a message here that you've sent me a friend request in my other account.

If you have anymore questions regarding whatsoever, just leave a comment here or send me a message.
16 May 2031 @ 07:09 pm
I figured, since my welcome post is getting too crowded, it's kinda hard to see which one's a requesting comment or just someone introducing... I decided to make a separate page for the request page

YES~! I DO accept fanfic requests~!
BUT~! only selected pairings~!
The ones on the banner are my top OTP's
so if you have a fanfic request about them, feel free to do so.
I might accept others as well that I didn't mention here, if you have on PLEASE ASK ME FIRST
I am very picky when it comes to pairings
If you're interested in requesting please do fill out the form below *points down*
AND comment your form here :D

Title:(if you don't have one it's ok)
Your Japanese Name (you will only fill this out if you'll be requesting for a JUMPxOC fic, if you don't want a Japanese name then tell me your desired name)
Pairing (make sure to ask me first regarding the pairing if the pairing you want is not mentioned above
Rating (I vary from G to NC-17)
Genre (my specialty is romance and school life, but I don't mind doing other genres as well, and please include here if you want a yaoi or het type of fic if you're requesting for a JUMPxJUMP type of fic)
Summary (ONLY if you already have one)
FIVE Random Things:(
anything random that comes into your mind ONLY FILL THIS OUT IF YOU DONT HAVE A SUMMARY coz this is where I'll get my idea from: e.g., chocolate, cellphone, water, laptop, bag)
Type (will this be one-shot, two-shots, multi-chap, drabble)

Please also note that if you'll be requesting a fanfic from me, I can't do it right away. I'm a university student and I have a busy schedule.

Do I write other J-pop bands a fic?

Yes. I write KAT-TUN fics but KAT-TUN fics will be posted in my[info]ayakanishi ournal for this journal is JUMP exclusive journal. I also don't mind writing other J-POP bands, but PLEASE PLEASE only boy bands. I have little knowledge regarding girl bands. I also have some knowledge in J-rock such as Alice Nine, The Gazette and SuG. As for K-POP, I'm NOT much fan of K-POP. I repeat, I AM NOT MUCH OF A FAN. The only group that I like is SHINee, ONLY SHINee! No more no less! I would be also accepting SHINee fanfic requests[If you're gonna request for a SHINee fanfic, please put KOREAN name instead of JAPANESE name if it'll be SHINeeXOC]

Do you write Jrs. fics?

YES I DO!!!! I usually write B6 and post them on my wattpad OuO.

Where will I post other J-POP fanfics and SHINee fanfics?
Other J-POP fanfics will be posted in this communit thewayofshinobi But rest assure that I will contact you in any possible way to inform you that your request has been fulfilled. For SHINee fanfics, it will be posted to m asianfanficsaccount.

Am I willing to accept multi-chaptered fanfic requests?
YES! I am willing to do so! BUT only JUMP and KAT-TUN related fanfics. SHINee? Yes I will accept SHINee, but it'll be posted to asianfanfics. Note that the maximum length of my multi-chap requests will be five chapters only.
09 October 2030 @ 01:37 am
To make it easier for everyone to look for all of my Hey!Say!JUMP fanfics here's an index of everything (even from my ayakanishi LJ) EVERYTHING is unfortunately f-locked due to some privacy reasons.

Most Wanted Naughty Guys [YamaChii][NC-17]
Tokyo no Shadow Boy [YutoXOC, ChinenXOC][SAFE]
Yama-Chan Suddenly Pulled Chii [YamaChii][NC-17]
Apology [InooXAya][PG-13]
The Boy Next Door [HikaruXHikari]
The First Girl I Saw - Part 1 Part 2 [DaikiXHikari][PG-13]
You're My Life [YamaChii][PG-13]
Pure Lust [YamaChii][NC-17] het
Eien ni Sayonara [YuutoXOC][NC-17]
Exclusive for Yuyan [TaDaiNoo] [NC-17] het
Miniature House of Dreams - [MichiyoXRyutaro] [PG-13]
Behind Those Hazel Eyes - [YamaChii[PG-13] het
Lovers in Venus Fort - [Yabu KoutaXHasegawa Airi][PG-13]
My Manga Club - [SayuChii][PG-13]
YamaChii Forever - [YamaChii][PG-13]
Catch me I'm Fallin - [Takaki Yuya] [G]
Sleepover - [Chinen Yuri X Chinen Yuzaki][NC-17]
Being Your Girlfriend Ain't Easy - [Inoo KeiXYoshikawa Yui][G]
It's a Tricky Game - [Yabu Kota X Takaki Yuya X Inoo Kei] [NC-17]
Something Worth It - [Yabu Kota X Takaki Yuya X Inoo Kei] [NC-17]
A Kissable Delivery - [Yabu Kouta X Hasegawa Airi] [G]
A Wet Anniversary - [TaDaiki] [NC-17] het
It's Probably Fate - [Inoo KeiXYoshikawa Yui][G]
Lantern - [Yabu KoutaXHasegawa AiriXLee Jinki][PG-13]
Dream Scandal - [Takaki Yuya X Inoo Kei][NC-17]
Waxing Dilemma - [Takaki Yuya X Inoo Kei][NC-17]

Love Spy drabble - AyaChii [SAFE]
Satisfaction - {YamaChii} [NC-17]
Koishiteru - [TakaNoo] [SAFE]

I Fell In Love With My Doctor - Masterlist [YamaChii][PG-13] het completed
Love or Freedom - Masterlist [YamaChii][PG-13] on-hold
Boku no Doll - Masterlist [YamaChii][PG-13] het on-hold
Love Spy - Masterlist [HSJxOC's][PG-13] completed
Wanted! Girlfriend - Masterlist [HSJxOC's][PG-13] on-hold
Replacement - Masterlist [AYamaChii][PG-13] on-going
Hesitations and Regrets - Masterlist [YamaChii][PG-13] on-going
For All Eternity - Masterlist [TaDaiki][NC-17] on-hold
Bonds 絆 - Masterlist [YamatoXOCXKamiya] [PG-13] on-going
Boku no Kanojo wa Jigoku Shoujo Masterlist [YamaChii][PG-13] het on-going
Delicate Love - Masterlist [Mixed CharactersXTokiwa Ayumi members][NR] discontinued
My Crimson Nightmare - Masterlist [Yamada RyosukeXKuroma Ruka][NC-17] completed
The Puppet Master - Masterlist [Takaki Yuya X Inoo Kei X Yabu Kota][NC-17] on-going
Barricade - Masterlist [TakaNoo][NC-17] het on-going
Careless Wishes - Masterlist [InooXYabuXOC][PG-15] on-going
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14 May 2016 @ 09:56 pm
Title: A Good Mistake
Pairing: Chinen Yuri X OC (Chinen Yuzaki)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: yaoi, smut
Disclaimer: i only own the plot
Author’s Notes: Yuzaki bro requested me to do this! Hopefully he likes it because I swear, my smut and yaoi skills are rusty.

Summary: Cosplaying? Cross-dressing? It can lead people to confusion. This confusion can lead to mistakes, but sometimes, mistakes are good. But what mistake could this be?


“Keito-kun! How do I look?” Chinen Yuri twirled around to show off his costume to his best friend Keito. Yuri’s going to attend a small Cosplay event in Akihabara. Most of those attending will be friends of both Keito and Yuri. Yuri wouldn’t usually go to big cosplay events because he’s too shy to show others what he really wants to do, Cross Dressing.

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22 December 2015 @ 03:09 am
Title: AyaJes - 2015 Christmas Special
Pairing: Kusanagi Aya X Lewis Jesse
Rating: G
Genre: fluff, romance
Disclaimer: i only own the plot, I WISH I OWN JESSE
Author’s Notes:Since a friend of mine requested that instead of posting my SixTONES and AyaJes fics to my wattpad account, I post it here instead. So, I'll start doing that, so I can also resurrect this LJ. It's been a while since I wrote a fic here, I'm sorry.

Summary:Jesse and Aya miss each other, so, what do they do?


Missing someone... it’s one of the hardest emotions to feel, especially when there’s nothing you can do to be with that someone. Being a fangirl, it’s hard and quite different to feel a longing for a guy who’s really famous. Your idol, your bias. Well, it’s harder when that idol of yours is actually... your boyfriend.

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01 May 2015 @ 03:49 pm
Hello Guys! I'm not really sure if I'm gonna upload the rip or not, but since I'm not seeing uploads anywhere, I decided to upload it anyway. Plus I talked to a friend of mine in 10_jump and she said that they might sub it YAY! It took me longer than usual because I don't have school anymore and internet in school is really fast, so when I have classes I just upload my videos at school.

Notice: This will be f-locked within 48-hours. There will be no passwords, and since I'm not in school I will only upload this in mediafire.

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10 July 2014 @ 01:40 am
Title: Waxing Dilemma
Pairing: Takaki Yuya X Inoo Kei
Rating: NC-17
Genre: yaoi, smut
Disclaimer: i only own the plot
Author’s Notes: Just came up with this idea after Ammi-chan and I were talking about
Takaki's new drama.
Summary: Takaki Yuya is starring in Suikyu Yankees. He had to wear a swimming gear a lot of times. The drama's director advised Takaki to have the hair on his lower abdomen be removed by either shaving or waxing. This is where his dilemma starts.


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24 April 2014 @ 04:49 am

Title: Dream Scandal
Pairing: Takaki Yuya X Inoo Kei
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, yaoi, slice of life
Disclaimer: i only own the plot
Author’s Notes: Some of my readers who are avid TakaNoo shippers are probably wanting to kill me now for not updating so long. So, here's my compensation, a one-shot fic for you guys

Summary: Every celebrity does their best to be not in a scandal that might potentially ruin their career. But there are scandals that could be, what people call, blessings-in-disguise. For some of the fans, a scandal turned dream-come-true that involved two members of one of the most popular boy group in Japan, Hey!Say!JUMP's Inoo Kei and Takaki Yuya. How will they deal with the public as their deepest secret, their real relationship, has been exposed?

Takaki looked at his lover as they were preparing themselves to go out. Inoo was trembling, almost scared for his life. Their manager was trying to comfort Inoo telling him that everything will be finished quickly, that they only had to go to the car and their security will handle the rest. Takaki walked to Inoo and cupped his face and gave him an assuring smile. He embraced the shorter guy and stroked his back, comforting Inoo finally.

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05 January 2014 @ 03:03 am
Title: Boku no Kanojo wa Jigoku Shoujo (My Girlfriend is Hell Girl) - Chapter 5
Pairing: Yamachii
Rating: PG-13
Genre: love, fantasy, failed angst
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters I SWEAR~!
Author’s Notes: Because I love Jigoku Shoujo so much and since there's a photo of Chinen wearing Jigoku Shoujo clothes, I decided to write this

Summary: Yamada Ryosuke is an ordinary 3rd year Senior High students. All he wanted is an ordinary life, or maybe someday get rich. But then, the rumor about Jigoku Tsuushin (Hell Correspondence) and its truth changed his life. How?
girl!chii (I already warned you, don't read it if you don't like it....>_<)
Masterlist: Here

“Oujo’s been quiet recently isn’t she?” Ichimoku Ren commented.

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04 January 2014 @ 04:22 am

Title: Lantern
Pairing: Yabu Kota X Hasegawa Airi X Lee Jinki
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, angst, death, slice of life
Disclaimer: i only own the plot
Author’s Notes: A birthday gift for laile_x_yabu

Summary: Airi earned herself a "stalker" after the death of her fiancé. Who is he to her and what will he be to her life?

The doors of the church opened for me. I was wearing a white dress. As I walked into the isle towards the altar, everyone was looking at me. I looked down bride that would suddenly feel embarrassed as they felt everyone’s stares at her. But the difference from a wedding is that, the groom waiting for me at the altar is in a coffin. Yes, my fiancé, Jinki passed away. He had been fighting against leukemia for so long, and now, finally, he’s at peace.

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